AnakSerak University

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What is AnakSerak University ASU

 We are here to help you learn the Art of Pentjak Silat through the  AnakSerak online program.  You will need to study and learn our "textbook", this is the 48-50 modules.  You can test out of the program in 3 phases, Basis, Intermediate, Advanced. Online classes and testing done via internet.  You can gain access  on  our  Film Flex website.  Monthly membership is $9.99 a month .

 Step 1: Go to - Register for an account

Step 2: To Learn about Anakserak, go to - To watch the first four lessons free, click "Watch Lessons #1-4 Free".

Step 3: Click on "Activate Your Subscription" or go directly to

Step 4: Choose a Monthly, Quarterly, or Annual Subscription

Step 5: Click "Sign Up Now"

Step 6: You'll be redirected to a shopping cart. Click "Proceed to Checkout"

Step 7: Complete the checkout process with your credit card or via Amazon Payments

Step 8: Return to and click "Watch the Lessons and Learn" or go directly to

To watch the videos, you must be logged in. Only one registrant is allowed to be signed in at a time, meaning you cannot share your account with someone else.
If you forget the links, they can be found in the bottom right corner of the website.


Once you have completed the AnakSerak program,  you will have the opportunity to learn with Dr Andre Via internet.  You will need to join AnakSerak . Membership is $9.99 a month.

  If you can get a group of 4 or more you can start a club and possible even a school.  At that time we can organize a visit to train you at your school. Those interested will need to contact us at [email protected]